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14The Flaming Lips - Christmas At The Zoo

Here's a fun fact, once a upon a time, The Flaming Lips released a Chrismas movie titled Christmas on Mars. This song is not from that movie.

13RUN-DMC - Christmas in Hollis

I wasn't kidding when I said I had a track for every music lover. Here's a fun and funny classic tune by RUN-DMC.

12Relient K - 12 Days of Christmas

Relient K have actually released two Christmas rock albums so far, pretty impressive (weird?) for a rock band.

11The Ramones - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)

Slapped at the end of their Brain Drain album, The Ramones thanked their fans via this Chrismas song.

10Pet Shop Boys - It doesn't often snow at Christmas

Here's a great track for euro-pop lovers out there who just want to dance around.

9Pearl Jam - Let Me Sleep (It's Christmas Time)

Eddie Vedder brings us all back to our childhood days with his slow paced track Let Me Sleep.

8No Doubt - Oi To The World

A punk rock take on Christmas? We'll take it.

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