Top 10 Best Lullaby Songs For Newborns

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My wife and I are expecting our first child in a few weeks and with both of us being music fans, hearing Hush Little Baby for the millionth time just won’t cut. We were introduced to what is undoubtably the best lullaby music through the most unlikely of sources: the Kurt Cobain documentary Montage of Heck. During the movie, a few Nirvana songs are played as lullaby renditions and they’re pretty much the best thing ever. A quick Google search brought us to the makers of the songs, Rockabye Baby! (not to be confused with the old nursery rhyme) who have not only covered Nirvana but a ton of excellent bands.. oh and they also covered Nickelback. We were instantly hooked. Here are a few of our favorite tracks but make sure you check them all out when you get a chance.

10Rockabye Baby! (Led Zeppelin) - Thank You

Your baby will love this version of Thank You and when they grow up, they'll be pre-programmed to love it when they discover the original.

9Rockabye Baby! (The Eagles) - Hotel California

You've probably heard Hotel Californation a few too many times in your life but your baby hasn't. It's time to introduce the new one to this unique take of The Eagles classic.

8Rockabye Baby! (The Pixies) - Where is My Mind?

A few sleepless nights might make you wonder where your mind truly is. Here's a sweet version of The Pixies song.

7Rockabye Baby! (Foo Fighters) - Everlong

A real cute cover of this great love song by Foo Fighters. The little toy being squeezed near the middle of the song gets me every time.

6Rockabye Baby! (Arcade Fire) - Wake Up

Not all lullabies are meant to put a baby to sleep. This rendition does exactly as its name implies; this is the perfect track for waking that little one up!

5Rockabye Baby! (Smashing Pumpkins) - Tonight, Tonight

Can’t get the little one to go to bed? Consider the Tonight, Tonight rendition as a life hack of sorts that will put just about anyone to sleep. *yawn*