Guns 'N Roses Announce a North American Tour

1 minute read

It's official, the newly reunited (well mostly at least) Guns 'N Roses are going on a full North American tour and they're hitting most major cities. The band made the announcement via a brief video that was posted on their website. There are are no dates, order of appearance or venues announced; only the city names are known at this point. The band had previously commited to a handful of shows which included their reunion show in Vegas on April 8th and 9th.

Here are the cities that they'll be visiting on their tour:

  • Atlanta, GA 
  • Boston, MA 
  • Chicago, IL 
  • Cincinnati, OH 
  • Dallas, TX 
  • Detroit, MI 
  • Houston, TX 
  • Kansas City, MO 
  • Nashville, TN 
  • New Orleans, LA 
  • New York 
  • Orlando, FL 
  • Philadelphia, PA 
  • Phoenix, AZ 
  • Pittsburgh, PA 
  • San Diego, CA 
  • San Francisco, CA 
  • Seattle, WA 
  • St Louis, MO 
  • Toronto, ONT 
  • Washington, DC